These are the highest paying programming languages ​​in the world

Thanks to an analysis of 30,000 job offers carried out by the French media, Developpez, we can find out which are the most popular and best paid programming languages.

If you are a computer scientist, this will interest you. A study by Developpez shows how the situation is regarding developers and IT professionals after analyzing more than 30,000 job offers published on its website during the past year.

As they state, the study has been carried out based on the offers and taking as reference the requirements in terms of programming languages ​​and salaries. In this way, we will be able to know which are the most in demand and which companies offer the best economic conditions in relation to them.

These are the highest paying programming languages ​​in the world

In the list of 24 programming languages ​​and, after analyzing some 30,000 job offers in France , it can be seen that the classification, in terms of the most popular, is led by Java with 26.3% . In second position we find Python with 17.5% , followed by C with 9.4% , JavaScript with 9.1% and C++ with 8% closing the Top 5.

Regarding its evolution in popularity, since 2013, one of those that has suffered the most in this regard has been PHP, which has lost four positions, occupying sixth place when before it was second . Quite the opposite of Python , which in ten years has managed to remain in second position consistently.

As for the less popular ones, we see that Cobol, which is a very outdated programming language , endures without disappearing yet. The reasons are clear, since apart from being the best paid by far (average of about 4,250 euros per month in France ) due to the fact that its supply of employees specialized in it is very limited, it belongs to the world of banking.

Cobol, in the other provinces, remains in the lead with Python, Java, JavaScript and C with well-paid salaries of between 3,250 euros and 3,500 euros per month . Some, like Rust or TypeScript, have low salaries (about 2,250 euros ) because they are emerging little by little. On the other hand, others that are also recent, such as Kotlin, are one of the best paid .

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